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DIY Recording

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Here it is in 8 easy steps.


This is our introduction to each other most likely using Skype, Google Hangout or Facetime. We will discuss your project and how to exactly go about recording it, the equipment needs of your project and about the space in which you will be recording as well as the sound treatments, if any, you may need to create. A deposit is required at this point before proceeding.


Get the Right Gear.

Go to your nearest music store, (or borrow from friends) and complete the grocery list of items I have sent you. The average cost on a lot of DIY’s is between $40-$200 depending on what you already have, need or are able to acquire for free.


Set up your Space.
This is where I help you set up interface to your computer and mic placement for your project. I will also make sure your session is set up properly in your DAW so that exporting files will be easy and problem free.


Record Your Music.
Take your time, have fun and record exactly what you want to record. Any questions during the recording process and I am just a quick text or online phone call away from answering them.


Export Files to my Mix Studio
Organize your tracks into folders and upload them to me via dropbox. I will walk you through this process step by step.




This process I do on my own based on the direction and sound discussions we had back at the very beginning. I can’t give away all of my tricks, but basically I glue the sound together creating a well balanced sound using EQ’s and many of the other tools and treasured pieces of gear I have.

Approve The Mix.
This is where we make sure the mix is to your liking before moving on to mastering.



Final Payment and Transfer of Mastered Files.
Upon receipt of your remaining balance, which can be done via Etransfer or PayPal, I will upload your Mastered tracks to you in a private secure Dropbox folder. It’s that easy.